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The Amazing Adventures Of One Curious Pixel


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Med School

The Amazing Adventures Of One Curious Pixel (Preview)

Bop returns with his sophomore album. Taking notes from the far flung reaches of the musical spectrum, Bop expertly weaves iconic 8-bit chiptune sounds and deep, pumping house beats with raw, undulating basslines and slo-mo funk / jazz inspired 170bpm grooves to create his very own blend of existential electronica.

Starting with the title track “The Amazing Adventures Of One Curious Pixel” we are immediately plunged into Bop’s conceptual universe like the inquisitive protagonist in Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. Curious and curiouser, indeed, this is a three dimensional world of dots and squares aurally represented by punchy, clipped beats and heavy, hazy synths. Next comes “8-Bit Cosmos”, an excitable track with explosive volleys of digital bleeps and glitchy, squeaky SFX.

Pulsing 128bpm venture “Sunrain” strikes a unique balance with a smooth and hypnotic groove, while “Intercontinental Meltdown” shakes things up, borrowing inspiration from Ashraf and Akhtar’s classic Pakistani film soundtrack “Good News For You”.

The ethereal “Extraterrestrial Creatures Are Stealing You From Me From The Bedroom”, featuring vocal work by Bev Lee Harling, is one of two collaborations on the album and is followed up by “The End Is The Beginning” – a collab with close friend Jalex. Onwards into the matrix, Bop’s super slick remix of fellow Russian D&B producer Subwave’s “I Need You” surfaces, before we are urged forward by the hollow, raindrop style rhythmic pattern of “Morning Air”.

And so to the final triplet of tracks; the stark and stripped back “Simple Things” with its glitchy beats, the lucid ambient groove of “An Open Eyed Dream” and finally the introspective wanderings of “The Lunatic Is In My Head”. Digital exclusives “Irreversible” and “My Heart Is A Freezer” complete the digital package with a final artistic flourish. The former blends beautifully honed soundscapes with warm instrumentals, whilst the latter revolves around the throbbing bassline and splintering beats.