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Cross The Line

Camo & Krooked

2x12" —

Hospital Records

Cross The Line (Preview)

Those Austrians just keep on bringing the fire to the Hospital camp! Having made the call with TC, looked into the future with Jenna G and Futurebound and generally caused a ruckus with their rambunctious new material on a fictional 80s game show, the terrible two are back.

First up, “Run Riot” is everything you could expect and more from the explosive, electrifying duo. Roll up your sleeves and prepare to witness something rather spectacular.

A tinkle-y music box lullaby kicks things off before the tune smashes into an exuberant slab of classic Camo & Krooked filth with accelerating b-line, pummeling drum rolls, smashing synths and enough force to knock you to the floor!

Next up, “Anubis” (named after the Egyptian jackal-headed god of the afterlife) brings the bass weight with growling subs and grouchy b-line. Ominous overtones and dark, apocalyptic atmospherics make this one a sure fire hit for the bass heads and frontline soldiers! Eerie.

”Hot Pursuit” ups the ante with sirens, sci-fi SFX, heavily processed warps and wobbles. The mayhem is only just beginning however, as a distorted gangster vocal hook “put your hands in the air and give me all your money” leads us into the main tune, with tempo switch ups and parping synth lines in abundance.

Rounding things off in style is the uber-energetic “Cryptkeeper”, with its building euphoric intro; it smashes into the drop like a ten tonne weight, with soaring synths, whirring roars and crazy drum work. This is Camo & Krooked doing what they do best. Big, bad and heavy indeed.