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Everyone Alive Wants Answers


LP —

The Leaf Label

Ritournelle Babies

It seems a shame to tarnish the delicate perfection of Colleen's music with words - this is music that needs to be listened to late at night, free of everyday distractions. You'll find yourself entranced by these 13 mesmerising spider's webs of sound that sound like they've been beamed in from another place, another time.

Colleen's simple but effortlessly charming music is one of magical details - naïve instrumentals filled with warmth, melody and soul, played on a broken music box, a glockenspiel or a guitar, phasing in and out, on the verge of collapse. Above all, this is wonderfully human...

Everyone Alive Wants Answers is the haunting work of 26-year-old Parisienne Cecile Schott. Her debut album release, she has previously released a gem of a 7" single (Babies) on the up-and-coming Active Suspension label, which brought her to the attention of The Leaf Label. This release follows naturally in the footsteps of the label's work with Susumu Yokota.

Cecile's live performance is a ramshackle experience, utilising any number of unexpected found instruments, playful and melancholic in equal measure.

Another girl, another planet.