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Tough Guys Don't Dance

High Contrast

3x12" —

Hospital Records

Tough Guys Don't Dance (Preview)

A) Tread Softly

B) Eternal Optimist

C) Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

D) Metamorphosis

E) Sleepless

F) The Ghost of Jungle Past

Tough Guys Don’t Dance', the incredible third album from Hospital's original DnB prodigy, is as much music for the dancefloor as it is the soundtrack to an unwritten film. Drawing its influence from a wide range of sources, and maintaining High Contrast's appeal to fans of broad musical persuasions.

This is the sound of a genre-defining producer at the top of his game.

A lot has changed since High Contrast's debut 'True Colours' dropped in 2002 and injected a new lease of life to the DnB scene. Artists have come and gone since then, and a whole host of new producers influenced by the High Contrast sound have come through the ranks. In 2004 he proved that he was still at the top of his game with his second long player 'High Society' - another collection of anthems including the massive 'Racing Green' and 'Basement Track' and now he's back to raise the bar once again, and take his sound to new heights.